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Autorun CD Studio
Convert your web page design into autorun CD programs with this visual tool.

Version 3.5 is available now. (what's new)

Autorun CD Studio 3.5 updated
Autorun CD Studio Box File Size: 1542 KB
Requirements: Win 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Uninstaller: Included
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What is Autorun CD Studio

Autorun CD Studio is the software to create 32 bit programs that will be automatically executed to display a splash screen when a CD/DVD is inserted into the CD/DVD drive.

  • A professional autorun CD program is important to your company.
    • It advertises your company's Corporate Identity.
    • It raises customer satisfaction.
    • It eleminates confusion when exchanging data with CD-Rs, thus raises work efficiency.
  • A professional autorun CD menu program is cool.
    • A dull data CD vs. a multimedia-enabled interactive CD with personal style -- which will you choose? Which will your friends choose? Think about it.

What's unique about Autorun CD Studio

Before there is Autorun CD Studio, developing a 32-bit autorun CD program that meets Windows standards requires special programming skill and vast amount of time investment.

We noticed that modern Web technology has enabled flexible rich multimedia presentation in a very-easy-to-implement manner, and is widely supported.

So the basic idea of Autorun CD Studio is to allow you to reuse your Web page design skill to produce the most professional autorun CD programs. There is nothing extra to learn besides how to make a Web page, except that now you can execute Windows programs. A 32-bit Windows CD autorun program will then be generated for you automatically based on the Web page.

Autorun CD Studio Features
  • Takes full advantage of all of the layout-control, scripting and multimedia capabilities of modern Web pages to generate the most professional autorun programs you can ever imagine, with ease.
  • Rich HTML texts, images, animations, sound, music, video, roll-over buttons, Flash movies, ActiveX, Java-applet, Java/VB scripting, etc., etc., everything you've ever dreamed about in a CD autorun program.
  • Easy to use with the WYSIWYG development environment.
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  • 3.5
    • Two more build options(No Compile and No UI) to choose from.
    • Popup window support.
    • Great speed improvement when retrieving data from the package(when compile is selected) especially when handling big files.
    • Many minor tweakups.
  • 3.31
    • Sync taskbar button title with the window title.
    Improved XP sp2 compatibility.
  • 3.22
    • Frobids project files to be saved into the HTML folder which causes compiling problems.
    • Fixed bugs that cause some macros not working properly on 98/ME platforms.
  • 3.21
    • Redesigned UI. The wizard is back.
    • New "macro:exepath" to return the directory where autorun.exe is located.
  • 3.11
    • Compression is now supported. Compresses a little better and about 20% faster than PKZIP.
    • Bug fixed on packaging certain level sub-folders.
    • Hardware locking removed. No longer requires hardware fingerprint to register.
    • Code enhancements here and there.
  • 3.02
    • Better handling of certain special characters in filename.
  • 3.01
    • Produces compact, self-contained, stand-alone, 32-bit Windows executables that runs blazing fast directly from CD without slow decompressing or making any temporary files.
    • WYSIWYG development environment with a property editor and a link editor.
    • The ability to change executable icons.
    • Option to insert a navigation toolbar.
    • Enhanced macros.
    • Smart handling of "\" and "/" in pathes.
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